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All audit tools used in PIR are approved by Alberta Labour - Partnerships. The questions must meet Partnerships standards with respect to intent, question content, balance between all elements, and balance of the three (3) different verification techniques (documentation, interview, and observation).

The AMHSA Municipal Health and Safety Audit Tool has been approved by Partnerships and any changes made to it must also be approved.  

AMHSA, as the Certifying Partner for the municipal sector, requires that any municipality participating in PIR must conduct its audits using the AMHSA Municipal Health and Safety Audit workbook or eCompliance tool. Auditors must be certified by AMHSA.


  • Make sure you download the audit tool from the website for each new audit you perform. 
  • We recommend backing up your work regularly.
  • AMHSA’s Audit Workbook and eCompliance tools are both designed for use with Windows based PCs. Features may not be compatible with other platforms.

Certificate of Recognition (COR) On-Site Data Gathering Suspended

In response to Alberta’s Public Health Emergency, the COR program is implementing an immediate suspension of on-site data gathering activities by auditors.

This means:

  • The use of on-site observations is suspended.
  • The use of remote documentation reviews and remote interviews (e.g. video-calls, phone, etc.) are required.
  •  Audits based on review of documentation and interviews are eligible for three-year COR certification.
  • Audits based on review of documentation-only are eligible for one-year COR certification or for COR maintenance.
  • On-site data gathering must cease for audits in-progress.

Employers must provide documents to auditors by electronic means when possible. Auditors must use a safe collection method for paper documents (e.g. curbside pick-up).

These rules are in-effect until December 31, 2021, and will be re-assessed for 2022.

If you have questions, or require assistance, please contact us.

(Large employers)

SECOR Audit 
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AMHSA periodically emails an update to auditors. This bi-yearly newsletter contains information regarding auditing changes, FAQ’s, suggestions, and reminders. 



Please note that contact information on archived newsletters may not be up to date. 

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For more information on PIR/COR, contact:

  • Shannon Thomas, Program Evaluation Manager, at 587-952-2268 ext 285 or via email: OR 
  • Jessica Meyer, HSMS & HR Advisor at 587-952-2268 ext 290 or via email:

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