CEU Information

Continuing Education Unit (CEU) is a measurement used in continuing education programs to assist the professional to maintain their designation and/or license. The table below lists courses that may be eligible for CEUs in your profession.

Course Name Format **BCRSP WWOC CEC
Asbestos and Mould Awareness   Instructor-led 0.35    
Asbestos Safety Awareness Course eLearning 0.6    
Audit Refresher Instructor-led 0.3 0.3  
Auditor Program (pre-approved)* Instructor-led 1.0    
ATV/UTV Safety Training eLearning 0.15    
Behaviour-Based Safety (BBS) eLearning 0.1    
Cargo Securement Instructor-led 0.35  0.3  
Chainsaw Safety eLearning 0.1    
Confined Space Entry (Alberta) eLearning 0.25    
Contractor Health and Safety Management (Full-Day) Instructor-led 0.7    
Contractor Health and Safety Management (Half Day) Instructor-led 0.4    
Defensive Driving eLearning 0.1    
DMCCD - Mental Health Issues, Rehabilitation and Return to Work Instructor-led     12
DMCCI - Legislation and Disability Management Instructor-led     12
DMCCN - Disability Management in Unionized Organizations Instructor-led     12
Flag Person: Train-the-Trainer Instructor-led 0.75 0.6  
Flag Person: General Instructor-led 0.35 0.3  
Hazard Identification, Assessment, and Control Instructor-led 0.35 0.3  
Health and Safety Auditing Instructor-led 1.3 1.2  
Health and Safety Committee (HSC) and Health and Safety Representative (HSR) Instructor-led 0.4 0.4  
Health and Safety Management Systems Instructor-led 1.2 0.8  
ICS 100 eLearning  0.4 0.3  
Incident Investigation Instructor-led 0.35 0.3  
Incident Investigation VR 6.0 eLearning 0.25    
Incident Investigation and Root Cause Analysis eLearning 0.2    
Joint Health and Safety Committees and Health and Safety Representatives: Foundations eLearning 0.3 0.3  
Lawn Maintenance Safety Awareness eLearning 0.25    
Leadership for Safety Excellence Instructor-led 1.3 0.8  
Leadership for Safety Excellence - Online eLearning 0.8    
Leadership in Safety Excellence  eLearning 0.8    
Occupational Disease eLearning 0.25    
Occupational Health and Safety Act, Regulation, and Code Overview Instructor-led 0.35 0.3  
Operator Safety - Backhoe/Loader Instructor-led 0.7 0.6  
Operator Safety - Front-End Loader Instructor-led 0.7 0.6  
Operator Safety - Plow Truck Sander Instructor-led 0.75    
Operator Safety - Road Grader Instructor-led 0.75    
Operator Safety - Skid Steer Instructor-led 0.7 0.6  
Orientation: Train the Trainer eLearning 0.1    
Pool Safety eLearning 0.2    
Professional Driver Improvement Course (PDIC) - (Proctored) eLearning 0.7    
Professional Driver Improvement Course (PDIC) - 3 Demerit (Alberta) eLearning 0.7    
Professional Driver Improvement Course (PDIC) - Condensed (Alberta) eLearning 0.3    
Supervisor’s Role Instructor-led 0.35 0.3  
Tailgate Meeting Essentials Instructor-led 0.35    
WHMIS 2015 Instructor-led 0.35    
WHMIS 2015 (AMHSA) eLearning 0.1    
WHMIS Train-the-Trainer Instructor-led 0.75  0.6  
Working Alone eLearning 0.2    
Workplace Harassment and Violence Prevention Awareness Instructor-led 0.2    
Workplace Harassment and Violence Prevention Introduction Instructor-led 0.35    
Workplace Harassment Awareness & Violence Prevention Instructor-led 0.75 0.4  
Workplace Inspections Instructor-led 0.3 0.3  

**The courses listed may be eligible for professional development based on their technical instruction hours. Please see the BCRSP website at www.bcrsp.ca for point criteria.

Board of Canadian Registered Safety Professionals (BCRSP)

The Board of Canadian Registered Safety Professionals (BCRSP) is the certifying body for occupational health, safety and environmental professionals in Canada. They are a public interest, not-for-profit association with a membership dedicated to the principles of health and safety as a profession in Canada. The CRSP designation is a widely accepted form of recognition by industry and government in Canada. To support that the highest standards of excellence and professionalism are maintained, CRSP designation holders are required to maintain their designation by participating BCRSP’s Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Program.

Auditor Program

AMHSA’s auditor program  has been pre-approved for continuing education units by the Board of Canadian Registered Safety Professionals (BCRSP). Those who successfully complete the program (Health and Safety Management Systems (HSMS)Health and Safety Auditing, and a qualification audit) are eligible for 1 CEU point under category A9 – Achieving an Additional Certification or License.

Ministry of Environment and Protected Areas  Water and Wastewater Operator Certification Program (WWOC)

The Ministry of Environment and Protection Areas Water and Wastewater Operator Certificate (WWOC) Program requires that operators have post-secondary education or equivalent, to meet the requirements for Levels III and IV certification. Operators can acquire CEUs to gain the equivalent of post-secondary education. The table shown has courses with CEUs that have been approved by the WWOC Program. Please see www.alberta.ca/water-wastewater-operator-certification.aspx for the Alberta Water and Wastewater Operators’ Certification Guidelines.

Disability Management Continuing Education Credits (CEC)

Mental Health Issues, Rehabilitation and Return to Work, Legislation and Disability Management, and Disability Management in Unionized Organizations are offered in partnership with Pacific Coast University (PCU) and have been endorsed by the Canadian Society of Professionals in Disability Management (CSPDM) for continuing education credit (CEC) hours. CEC’s can be applied to PCU’s Disability Management Practitioner certificate program, or the professional designations of Certified Disability Management Professional (CDMP), or Certified Return to Work Coordinator (CRTWC).

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