Learning & Compliance Software

Looking for an OH&S learning and compliance software package? Look no further - begin with AMHSA’s Learning & Compliance Software and gain access to rewards, on-demand course library, driver compliance, excel reporting, and more. For additional fees, add Training Record Management, Digital Forms, Digital Folders, Equipment Management, Classroom Calendar, and Learning Management.

Software Module Details

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Training Record Management

Allow your managers and employees to upload training records and certificates, regardless of training provider. Once uploaded and approved, the integrated training matrix can automatically assign courses, while the system sends alerts and delivers scheduled reports to ensure all training is up to date. Click to view brochure.

Learning Management

SCORM compliance, virtual proctoring, in-course document uploads, digital form integration, competency management, and building, delivering, managing, and reporting on multi-level, multi-course certification programs are just a few of the capabilities of our learning management solution. Click to view brochure.

Digital Forms

Easily create online and off-line digital forms using check boxes, drop-down menus, likert scales, text fields, and logic rules that can dynamically reveal fields based on answers provided, add training to user accounts, and more! When completing forms, respondents can upload images, videos, and files, and provide their signature. Click to view brochure.

Digital Folders

Upload company policies, procedures, manuals, and more to a secure, cloud-based folder for easy online access. Next, grant folder access by employee, company role and/or location. With the proper access, folder contents can be securely viewed and signed-off on by one, some, or all employees. Click to view brochure.

Classroom Calendar

Manage classroom-based training with our powerful calendar tool that can manage enrollment, inventory, and equipment, as well as hundreds of instructors, classrooms, and courses across multiple locations. Click to view brochure.

Equipment Management

Simplify preventative maintenance by centrally storing the location, status, hours of operation, and maintenance history of each unit. Then, combine it with digital forms to automate key tasks, including issuing inspections, maintenance tickets, repair and service requests, and more! Click to view brochure.

Data Synchronization

Save company time and money by utilizing an application programming interface (API) coupled with single sign-on (SSO) technology to seamlessly connect your systems to ours. Click to view brochure.

Work Site Orientations

Streamline your organization’s onboarding process by reducing administration and ensuring documentation is completed before workers show up on site. Full customization includes virtual proctoring, multimedia, forms, and more. Click to view brochure.


Virtually proctor learners for validation of learning.

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SafeTapp Mobile Digital Forms App

Access a wide range of safety tools from your phone,  including: all of your training certificates, safety forms, company policies and procedures, and more!

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Safety Essentials Course Package

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Subscription includes the Learning Management System

As part of this course subscription you have access to an enterprise-level learning management system (LMS) that includes:

  • The ability to assign your employees their required training
  • The opportunity to complete training online anywhere with Internet
  • A robust exam engine, SCORM 1.2 and 2004 compatibility
  • An integrated eCommerce store, and course permission
  • A design built for companies with strong safety training needs

Reporting and Automatic Notifications

Excel-compatible data management and reporting creates seamless communication between the BIStrainer software and the spreadsheet files currently used by your various departments.

View online report dashboards and receive automated notifications for topics such as:

  • Training About to Expire and Learning Gap Analysis
  • Number of Course Completions by each of your Team Members
  • Location Specific Reports for your various Offices and Job Sites
  • Risk Analysis Based on Hazard Assessments and Site Audits

Additional Tools to Compliment Course Subscription

Training Record Management Equipment Management Digital Forms Classroom Calendar
  • Certificate Management
  • Expiry Alerts
  • Auto Archiving
  • Training Hours Reports
  • Mass Record Upload
  • Update Tools
  • Mileage
  • Hours
  • Qualified Personnel
  • Maintenance
  • Advanced Analytics
  • And More!
  • Drag-and-drop technology
  • Add & upload images
  • Add & upload videos
  • Compatible with mobile devices
  • Responsive and secure webpage
  • Classroom management
  • Instructor Management
  • Course Management