Lawn Maintenance Safety Toolkit

This practical toolkit provides comprehensive hands-on resources for lawn maintenance front-line workers and supervisors in two main forms – a document library and a video gallery.

These resources communicate important and useful information which may be used in the field, in orientations or meetings, for hazard and competency assessments, and to generally augment the materials contained in the eLearning.

The Toolkit includes:

  • A comprehensive series of short videos featuring practical demonstrations of safe lawn maintenance operations and of specific equipment
  • Excerpts from legislation, such as the Alberta Occupational Health & Safety Code, the National Safety Code and other relevant safe work policies and practices
  • General Forms, including Job and Site-Specific Hazard Assessments, Tailgate Meeting templates, sample inspection templates and other job-related forms and checklists
  • Reference Materials, such as slope indicator calculations, handbooks and manuals from various sources.
  • Manufacturer’s Specifications on equipment operation and maintenance
  • Materials for Supervisors relating to effective communication techniques

We urge you to review these Toolkit materials to get an overview of what they contain and to consult them whenever you have questions or need reminders of safe lawn maintenance practices and procedures.

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