Consultant Auditors

Consultant auditors have successfully completed AMHSA’s requirements for certification and are available to conduct audits for AMHSA members.

Approved Consultant Auditors

The below list of consultants is not an endorsement but a list of those who have successfully completed AMHSA’s requirements for auditor certification. Note that the list has been updated to include designations, location information, and areas of Alberta where the auditors will travel (North, Edmonton, Central, Calgary, South, or All). Please also note that information on the list is displayed as submitted to AMHSA, it is the employer’s responsibility to confirm qualifications/designations when hiring contractors. If you are a consultant who has completed the requirements for auditor certification and would like to be included in this list, please contact AMHSA.  

AMHSA Approved Consultant Auditors

(Updated February 29, 2024)

How do I become a consultant auditor?

  • Consultant auditors are required to complete the same certification process as non-consultants - the successful completion of:
  • To maintain certification, consultant auditors must:
    • Perform a minimum of two (2) audits over the three (3) year period of certification
    • Successfully complete the Audit Refresher course

What if I’m certified through another Certifying Partner?

  • If you are certified through another CP, you may be given credit towards the requirement to attend the Health and Safety Management Systems course but will still be required to complete all other requirements. Alternatively, you may simply be required to attend our Audit Refresher training. 
  • Contact AMHSA to apply for credit

How do I stay updated on any changes to the COR program, audit tools, deadlines, or AMHSA requirements?

  • Subscribe to AMHSA’s Auditor Update newsletter for quarterly updates and news.

Page content last updated: June 20, 2023