Certificate of Recognition

The Certificate of Recognition (COR) is awarded to an employer that has demonstrated it has a good health and safety management system in place (Note: Organizations with 10 or fewer employees are eligible to perform a small employer audit and receive a SECOR). The employer demonstrates this by passing an external audit. The COR is valid for 3 years, provided:

  • A COR Maintenance Audit is performed in each of the next 2 calendar years. Audit must pass quality assurance review. AMHSA also offers an Action Plan maintenance year option. 
  • Employer fulfils its obligation to provide external peer auditors as needed. 

Note: If a serious incident or fatality occurs (traumatic incident), Alberta Jobs, Economy and Northern Development will conduct a review of the organization’s health and safety management system with the employer and Certifying Partner to determine if the COR is still valid. Alberta Jobs, Economy and Trade has the authority to revoke a COR. If revoked, the municipality will be required to conduct another external audit and pass. 

The COR has an expiry date - the employer must pass another external audit in the expiry year in order to remain eligible for financial incentives. To prevent a lapse in COR status, the external audit must be performed before the expiry date. 

All audits must be shared with the municipality audited and submitted to AMHSA. 

There may be reasons to conduct health and safety management system audits more frequently. For example, a serious injury or an increase in incidents may signal a weakness in the program that needs to be investigated. Significant changes in operations or personnel may prompt a review of the effectiveness of your system. Also if an audit revealed several weaknesses and an action plan was developed to address the weaknesses, another audit may be warranted once the actions are implemented. 

Last updated: Sept. 15, 2021