PIR Process

Employers looking to participate in the PIR program begin with the following steps:

  • Step 1: The employer registers in the PIR program with WCB - Alberta.
  • Step 2: The employer implements a health and safety management system
  • Step 3: Employer has their system evaluated through a COR or SECOR Certification audit.
  • Step 4: The audit is submitted to AMHSA (by the auditor) for quality assurance (QA) review, and AMHSA notifies Partnerships of the results. Partnerships generates and co-signs a COR or SECOR for the successful organization and sends the certificate to AMHSA to be co-signed.
  • Step 5: Partnerships informs WCB – Alberta of the audit results. The employer who received the COR or SECOR is then eligible for financial incentives from the WCB.


Successful municipalities can earn a PIR discount from the Workers’ Compensation Board. To qualify for the discount, municipalities must have a valid COR or SECOR and meet additional Partnerships program requirements. The incentive ranges from 5% to 20% of the industry premium rate, depending on the municipality’s claims cost history. This discount is in addition to any reduction or discount from WCB. 

Individual employers will pay less or more than their industry rate, depending on their injury/illness experience. High claims and claims costs will cause an employer to pay a higher rate while lower claims and claims costs will contribute to a reduction in an employer’s premium rate. The incentives are based on industry rates rather than individual employer rates.

  • An employer will receive a 5% rebate for achieving/maintaining a COR 
  • A first-time COR holder will receive a 10% rebate for achieving a COR, or 
  • An employer will receive up to a 20% rebate for improving its performance from previous years or performing significantly better than other participating organizations in its industry (i.e., maintaining industry leadership). 

Note: The employer is not eligible for a combination of rebates; the WCB chooses the best rebate available for the employer. 


  • A town has 83 employees and a payroll of $4,500,000
  • The industry premium rate is $1.20 per $100 of payroll
  • The industry based premium = $54,000
    • 5% rebate = $2,700
    • 20% rebate = $10,800 

Last updated: Sept. 15, 2021