Psychological Safety

AMHSA offers a variety of psychological health and safety offerings, including the psychological health and safety training, the SPARK group, first responder mental health, and courses offered in partnership with the Mental Health Commission of Canada (MHCC).

Psychological Health and Safety Training

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Spark: Supporting Psychologically safe workplaces

SPARK is an innovative new program to support the psychological health and safety initiatives of AMHSA member municipalities. It’s designed for HR and OHS practitioners, as well as leadership. Be part of a community of learning and sharing of best practices in psychological health and safety. Bridge organizational silos. Align departmental priorities and strategies. Gain a deeper understanding of your workforce’s culture and access resources for dealing with psychological health and safety challenges. AMHSA’s new SPARK program offers scalable support options to suit your organization’s needs and budget. 

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First Responder Mental Health

The Alberta Municipal Health and Safety Association (AMHSA) is partnering with the Mental Health Commission of Canada (MHCC) and TELUS Health to provide specialized training and tools to support rural and remote firefighters living with or at risk of post-traumatic stress injuries (PTSI).

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The Working Mind

The Working Mind (TWM) is an evidence-based program developed by the Mental Health Commission of Canada (MHCC) and is designed to promote mental health and reduce the stigma around mental illness in the workplace. By reducing stigma and discrimination, TWM helps organizations create a culture that fosters greater awareness and support for mental health among employees, managers, and employers.

Available for Managers, Employees, and First Responders.

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Mental Health First Aid (MHFA)

Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) is an evidence-based program developed by the Mental Health Commission of Canada (MHCC). While we often know a lot about physical illness, there tends to be less knowledge about mental health or substance use problems. This lack of understanding leads to fear and negative attitudes towards individuals living with these problems. This prevents people from seeking help for themselves and from providing appropriate support to people around them.

MHFA is the initial help provided to a person developing a mental health problem or experiencing a mental health crisis. It is an evidence-based program for staff and managers, and a proactive step towards building a psychologically healthy and safe workplace.

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Page last updated April 13, 2023