AMHSA Webinar Series

AMHSA offers regular live webinars on a variety of health and safety related topics. Webinars are offered via Zoom and are presented by a team of staff, subject matter experts, and sponsors. In addition to these sessions, AMHSA also offers online and on-site training. To suggest a topic or sponsor a webinar, contact us.

Some AMHSA training is also available as a live webinar - click here for more information.

This content would not be possible without the support of our sponsors and partners. Thank you to the City of Lethbridge, the Government of Alberta, Howatt HR Consulting, EWI Works, and Devco.

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Upcoming Webinars

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TOPIC (Click for more information)  DATE & Time (MST) PRESENTED BY
Maintaining Mental Fitness During COVID-19 *On summer break*  AMHSA, CSSE, Howatt HR, & AUMA
Winter Ready Employee Oct. 26, 2020 10:00am  AMHSA & Devco
Winter Ready Employee Nov. 5, 2020 9:00am  AMHSA
Ergonomics Coaching Workshop Nov. 12, 2020 8:30am  AMHSA & EWI Works
Winter Ready Leader Nov. 12, 2020 1:00pm  AMHSA
Winter Ready Employee Nov. 19, 2020 1:00pm  AMHSA
Winter Ready Leader Nov. 26, 2020 7:30am  AMHSA
Ergonomics Coaching Workshop Nov. 26, 2020 8:30am  AMHSA & EWI Works
Ergonomics Coaching Workshop Dec. 10, 2020 8:30am  AMHSA & EWI Works


Video On Demand

When available, previously recorded webinars will be available below. 

TOPIC (Click for more information)  PRESENTED BY
Audit Tips & Updates  AMHSA 
Focusing on the ’H’: De-Siloing HR and Health and Safety for Total Worker Health  Howatt HR 
How We Work Together Matters - Incivility and Respect in the Workplace  Howatt HR
Injury Reduction Campaign Launch  AMHSA & Devco
Line of Fire for Municipalities  AMHSA & Devco
Maintaining Mental Fitness  AMHSA & Howatt HR
MSI Road to Implementation   AMHSA & EWI Works
Musculoskeletal Injuries (MSI)  AMHSA & Devco
Psychological Health Impact Group Introduction (Members Only)  AMHSA & Howatt HR
Winter Ready Leader (coming soon)  AMHSA & Devco

Live Classroom Webinars

Some of AMHSA’s on-site training is now available via live webinar. Contact us to register.

COURSE Webinar
Audit  Yes
Audit Refresher   Yes
Cargo Securement  No
City of Edmonton LSE  Yes
Defensive Driving  Yes
Drug Awareness  Yes
Fall Protection  No
Flag Person General  Yes
Flag Person: Train-the-Trainer  Yes
Formal Workplace Inspections  Yes
Ground Disturbance, Trenching, & Excavation  No
Hazard Identification, Assessment, & Control  Yes
Incident Investigation  Yes
Joint Work Site H&S Committee/H&S Representative  Yes
Leadership for Safety Excellence  Yes
Manager’s Leadership for Safety Excellence  Yes
Mental Health First Aid  No
OH&S Act, Regulations, & Code Overview  Yes
Operator Safety: Plow Truck Sander  No
Operator Safety: Road Grader  No
Operator Safety: Skid Steer  No
Overview of Trucking Compliance for Municipalities  No
Prime Contractor Safety  Yes
Professional Driver Improvement  Yes
Supervisor’s Role  Yes
Tailgate Meeting Essentials  Yes