Training Policies


While we realize scheduling conflicts occur, significant time, effort, and expense is required to organize courses. As soon as a course is confirmed, the policy regarding cancellation fees will apply. AMHSA’s cancellation fees cover up-front course delivery expenses (e.g., contracted trainer compensation, booked transportation, etc.). The cancellation policy applies to the courses detailed below.


Scheduled Courses: These are courses scheduled and hosted by AMHSA and at an AMHSA facility or an off-site facility. Where a non-hosting municipality provides a facility for an AMHSA scheduled course, minimum course and cancellation fees are not applicable to the municipality. Cancellation fees are only applicable to individuals registered for the course.

Host Organization: Any organization that requests a course from AMHSA is considered the Host Organization and is responsible for the minimum course and cancellation fees.

Open Courses: Open courses are offered by a host organization who also offers open registration to external employees from other organizations. Open registration assists smaller organizations in covering the minimum course fee. For example, an organization requests a confined space entry course from AMHSA and allows employees from other organizations to attend. Organizations that offer Open Courses are still responsible for meeting the minimum course fee.

Closed Courses: These courses are only available to internal employees from the host organization who is responsible for the minimum course fee.

Course Cancellation Fee Guidelines

  • Course cancellations must be sent by email to the AMHSA office. AMHSA will acknowledge receipt of cancellation by email. Please retain this email as it is your proof of cancellation.
  • Associate Members are those who do not pay an AMHSA levy and are offered partial membership.
  • If a course is rescheduled at the time of cancellation, the cancellation fee is waived for members or associate members.
  • Upon receiving a course request from a non-member organization, AMHSA assesses the request particulars (e.g., location, custom specifications, etc.) and provides a quote as to the minimum course fee (deposit).
  • For non-members, the cancellation fee applies regardless of whether or not the course is rescheduled.
  • Cancellation periods indicated below are based on the course start date.

Host Organization Course Cancellation Fees


  • 10 business days or less; minimum course fee
  • 11 - 30 business days; 50% of the minimum course fee
  • 31 business days or more; cancellation fee is waived

Associate Membership:

  • 10 business days or less; minimum course fee
  • Within 11 - 30 business days; 50% of minimum course fee
  • 31 business days or more; cancellation fee is waived


  • 10 business days or less; maximum (20 participant) course fee
  • 11 – 30 days; 50% of maximum (20 participant) course fee

Mental Health First Aid Course Specifications

AMHSA provides Mental Health First Aid through the Mental Health Commission of Canada, who mandates that 8 (eight) persons must be present for training or the training must be cancelled. As such;

  • Participant lists must be submitted to AMHSA no less than 11 days before the course date or the course will be cancelled with half the minimum course fee (10 participants) charged.
  • If 8 persons are not physically present either day of a two-day training course, the course is automatically canceled and the minimum course fee (10 participants) will be charged

Individual Course Cancellation Fees

Individual Registrants: Any person registering as an individual for an open AMHSA course.

  • 30 business days or more; cancellation fee does not apply
  • Within 29 business days or less; 50% of course fee
  • Within 48 hours, or does not show up for the course; the entire course fee is charged

AMHSA Course Cancellation

In the event that AMHSA cancels a scheduled course due to unforeseen circumstances (e.g., instructor illness, inclement weather, etc.), AMHSA will:

  • waive cancellation fees
  • reschedule the course

Course Postponement, Rescheduling and Inclement Weather

Special consideration may be given for courses where a municipality may be required to cancel or postpone due to severe weather and/or road conditions or states of emergency.

Waiving or making exceptions to cancellation fees for extenuating circumstances (e.g., local emergency) is at the sole discretion of the Executive Director.

(Revised Sept 2017)