Operator Safety - Plow Truck Sander

This course provides experienced operators with information and hands-on experience in the safe operation of this equipment. It does not train participants in basic operating competencies but focuses on issues related to the safe operation of plow truck sanders. Participants who are able to demonstrate the required knowledge and skills will be issued a certificate valid for 3 years. Class includes instruction, group discussion, practical exercise, videos, hands-on practice on a plow truck sander, and evaluation of participant’s ability to operate one safely. Class size is 4 participants. Course by request only.

Requesting municipality must supply a plow truck sander in safe operating condition, along with the operators’ manual for reference in the classroom, a cleared area to operate the equipment, approximately 50 meters by 150 meters or larger, 10 pylons, and 4 barricades.

Prerequisites: Participants must have experience operating a plow truck sander and have a valid driver’s license.

Note: Participants who are able to demonstrate the required skills will be issued a certificate valid for 3 years from date of issue

Duration: 1 Day

CEU Points: 

Members: $175+GST

Non-Members: $265+GST

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