First Responder Wellness Workshop

The First Responder Wellness Workshop is facilitated by veteran First Responder peers and is presented as a customized classroom session where participating departments will have the opportunity to discuss and reflect on the content of the online course. Each workshop can be tailored to address the needs of different functions within a department such as: Human Resources and Administrative positions, Operational or Front-Line Staff, and family.

Topics can include:

  • Increasing awareness of psychological health and wellness
  • Practical applications of concepts discussed in the First Responder Wellness Online Course
  • Critical stress definition, signs and symptoms, and what to do after a critical stress incident
  • The interaction of personal and professional life and how it affects you
  • The stigma around mental health
  • Peer support
  • Recognizing when help is needed personally or in a peer
  • Gaining a better understanding of the resources available to the First Responder community

Prerequisite: First Responder Wellness Online Course

Duration: ½ day (4 hours)

CEU points: 

Members: $50+ GST (Cost includes access to First Responder Wellness Online Course)

Non-Members: $75+GST (Cost includes access to First Responder Wellness Online Course)

To book a course call 1-800-267-9764. To view currently scheduled offerings, visit our course calendar.