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Leadership for Safety Excellence for Managers

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Leadership for Safety Excellence for Managers

The Leadership for Safety Excellence – Managers course is intended for municipal managers and senior managers who are accountable for health and safety within one or more departments in their organization.  AMHSA recommends , the participants have taken Leadership for Safety Excellence for supervisors and/or other functional health and safety courses.

The course objectives are to provide participants with advanced knowledge in key health and safety management system processes to enhance skills obtained from previous courses. These key areas are in:

  • Hazard Assessment
  • Formal Workplace Inspections, and
  • Incident Investigations

Leadership for Safety Excellence – Managers also explores the Manager’s role in health and safety from both internal and external perspectives.  This ranges from supporting a positive safety culture and working with a Health & Safety Committee or Representative, to incorporating health and safety into business planning, to meeting Occupational Health & Safety legislated responsibilities.

The course format includes classroom instruction, group discussions, practical exercises, and videos.  Course credit will be awarded following completion of a post-course assignment incorporating the learning outcomes. 

Content: The course consists of four separate modules:

  • Module 1 – Manager’s Role.  This module will go beyond the functional learning of foundational courses to provide the knowledge to strategically incorporate health and safety into “business as usual”, advance your safety culture, support your supervisors, incorporate health and safety into performance reviews, and meet your legislated obligations. 
  • Module 2 – Hazard Assessments.   This module will enhance the participant’s understanding of how to involve workers in the hazard assessment process, how to assess the risk ranking and prioritization of hazards, and where to use the hazard assessment process to improve the health and safety management system.
  • Module 3 – Formal Workplace Inspections.   This module will support your role in your workplace’s formal inspection program.  Topics include how to add value to the inspection, how to incorporate employee behaviour observations, and the importance of following up on identified deficiencies.
  • Module 4 – Incident Investigations.  This module will provide an overview of various incident investigation techniques and the manager’s role in the process.  Topics include how to assess the quality of the identified root cause(s) and appropriateness of the corrective actions.

At the end of the course, participants will be given the optional opportunity to qualify for an advanced LSE for Manager’s certificate by completing a short 2 page essay on a health and safety challenge within their own municipality and how they may overcome it utilizing the knowledge learned during this course. Essay’s must be submitted to AMHSA within 4 weeks and will be marked and sent back with advanced diploma’s within 4 weeks of receipt of essay.

Course Duration: 2 days each with 6 hours of classroom instruction plus graded assignment following the course for course completion credit.

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