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Prime Contractor

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Prime Contractor

This classroom / live webinar based course is designed to help individuals understand the requirements surrounding roles and responsibilities of Prime Contractors as it relates to the municipal industry in Alberta.

The course explains the concepts of Owner, Contractor, and Prime Contractor. It describes the legal requirement to designate a Prime Contractor at construction sites with two or more employers present, and reviews the obligation of an organization to designate a Prime Contractor.

This course containing an explanation of the legal requirements of a Prime Contractor includes its responsibility to develop and implement a Work Site Safety Plan and the assessment for the suitability of any contracted service provider to assume the role of Prime Contractor. The course will also help the participant to assess whether a Prime Contractor is meeting its legal obligations with respect to the Work Site Safety Plan and guide their organization in functioning as Prime Contractor, including the design and implementation of a Work Site Safety Plan.

Duration: 1 day 

CEU points: 0.6

BCRSP previously awarded 0.5 points for this course. The current class contains 6 technical hours and may be eligible for CM points.

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