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Return to the Workplace - OHS Special Edition June 30, 2021

To view this special edition, please click here. Topics included are:

  • COVID-19 as a workplace hazard
  • Respiratory Protective Equipment: Ministerial Order 2020-32 expires soon
  • Hyperlinks to Resources in the special edition include:
    • Employer’s toolkit for vaccination
    • Hazard Assessment and Control: a handbook for Alberta employers and workers
    • Occupational health and safety guidance for workers
    • Psychological hazards: Returning to the workplace
    • Public health measures in effect
    • Respiratory viruses and the workplace
    • Respiratory protective equipment: An employer’s guide
    • Respiratory protective equipment: Code of practice development
    • Worker de-conditioning following an absence from the workplace

Working in Extreme Heat - June 28, 2021

A heat warning is in effect. Employers and workers need to know how to protect themselves from heat exposure and recognize the signs of heat stress.

Click on the following to learn about the health risks associated when working in extreme heat situations and how to protect workers:

Working in extreme temperatures: hot environments
Working in summer
Best practices: Working safely in the heat and cold

Occupational Health & Safety Prevention Initiatives:

Slips, Trips, and Falls

The Alberta OHS prevention initiative is developed targeted resources to raise awareness of winter slips, trips and falls. Winter-related slips, trips, and falls have a significant impact on Alberta workplaces and workers each year. Encouraging employers, supervisors, and workers to be extra vigilant could be the key to reducing these incidents.

The winter slip, trip, and fall resources are available on the OHS Resource Portal and come in two formats:

  • Bulletins – with a summary of slip, trip, or fall hazards and suggested controls.
  • MicroLearnings – Short, single-focused one-page documents to provide quick hits of information. Copy and paste, or print and post, for sharing at meetings, in emails or to enhance your organization’s safety communications.

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Page updated: June 30, 2021