Industry Task Force / WCB

To keep our members updated, AMHSA will be posting ITF newsletters on this page. To view each newsletter, just click on the date below:

May 2021 Newsletter about Appeals Commission Update, Joint OHS/WCB Reporting Project, Policy Consultation on Legislative Changes, Notice-Only Claims and CAPS Processes, and the Psychological Injury Working Group

April 2021 Newsletter about Joint OHS/WCB Reporting Project, Policy Consultation on Legislative Updates, Psychological Injury Working Group, Medical & Appeal Process Review

March 2021 Newsletter about Government Engagement on the Joint OHS/WCB Reporting project, Medical & Appeal Process Review project charter, Policy Consultation on Legislative Changes follow-up, and Psychological Injury Working Group  

February 2021 Newsletter about Government Engagement, Medical & Appeal Process Review, Policy Consultation on Legislative Changes, and Psychological Injury Working Group

Adjudicating psychological injury claims (February 3, 2021)

Reporting a psychological injury: Checklists for employers. This includes traumatic psychological injury, and chronic onset psychological injuries. (February 3, 2021)

Psychological Policy Changes (Bill 47) - Click here to view WCB’s website on Psychological Injuries

January 2021 Newsletter about government engagement, policy consultation on legislative changes, Joint OHS/WCB Reporting System, medical & appeal process review, and upcoming ITF association meetings

December 2020 Newsletter about government engagement, transfer of WCB Accident Fund to AIMCo, Appeals Commission Update, Policy Consultation on Legislative Changes,  Joint OHS/WCB Reporting System, and Upcoming ITF Association meetings

October 2020 Newsletter new updates to September’s newsletter

September 2020 Newsletter about government engagement, transfer of the WCB Accident Fund to AIMCo, and Policy Consultation Advisory Group (PCAG)