Partnerships in Injury Reduction


What is Partnerships In Injury Reduction?

Partnerships in Injury Reduction (PIR) is a voluntary program which encourages the development of effective workplace health, safety and disability management programs in Alberta. The 3 partners in the program are:

  • Workers’ Compensation Board - Alberta
  • Alberta Labour (Partnerships)
  • Employers, represented by their Certifying Partner (e.g., AMHSA)

What are the PIR responsibilities of AMHSA?

As a Certifying Partner in the PIR program, AMHSA

  • Ensures an approved audit tool is used
  • Trains, certifies, and recertifies auditors
  • Arranges external audits
  • Reviews audits for quality
  • Co-signs Certificates of Recognition
  • Liaises with Alberta Labour and the Workers’ Compensation Board
  • Communicates with auditors and employers

What are the PIR responsibilities of participating municipalities?

Employers (municipalities) in the PIR program

  • Have trained/certified auditors on staff
  • Implement a health and safety management system
  • Conduct audits according to the PIR audit cycle
  • Have staff trained in WCB’s Return to Work Seminar (formerly Disability Management)

How do I register my municipality in PIR?

Complete the registration form. Make sure you specify Alberta Municipal Health and Safety Association as Certifying Partner. Fax the completed form to the Workers’ Compensation Board at (780) 498-7874.

How do I switch Certifying Partners?

A formal letter on your municipal letterhead must be sent to your existing CP, the new CP, and Alberta Labour. It must include:

  • The request to change from one CP (name) to the other (name)
  • Requested date of transfer

Certificate of Recognition

What is a Certificate of Recognition?

Through PIR, a Certification of Recognition (COR) is given to employers who develop health and safety management systems that meet established standards. Certificates are issued by Certifying Partners and are co-signed by Alberta Labour.

What is the financial incentive for having a COR?

To qualify for the PIR discount, municipalities must have a valid COR and meet additional Partnerships program requirements. The incentive ranges from 5% to 20% of the industry premium rate, depending on the municipality’s claims history.

  • 5% for having a COR
  • 10% for first time COR
  • up to 20% for either
    • improving performance or
    • maintaining industry leadership

Once registered in PIR, what steps must my municipality take to attain a COR?

  • Health and safety management system must be developed and implemented
  • An external audit of the system must be conducted (a year’s documentation must be available) and passed
  • The audit must pass quality assurance review (AMHSA reviews and approves audit, submits results)
  • Results are mailed to municipality

Does AMHSA have policies and procedures related to the PIR program?

Yes, see our COR Policies and Procedures manual, available for download here. It contains information on audits, auditors, and the COR processes.