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Course Schedule

What is "on-site training"?

These are the courses that AMHSA members request and host in their municipalities. Any course can be requested - contact us at 587.952.2268 or 1.877.537.9063, online via our Course Request Form, or by email at

Where can I find the course schedule?

View our Safety Training overview and select the course you are interested in, or click here to view all upcoming course offerings by calendar. You can also call our office at 587.952.2268 or 1.877.537.9063.

How does AMHSA decide when and where to offer which course?

AMHSA conducts both "scheduled training" and "on-site" training. If you would like to book on-site training in your municipality, contact AMHSA at 587.952.2268 or 1.877.537.9063, online via our Course Request Form, or by email at

On-Site Training

Can I request a specific instructor?

Yes. If there is an instructor you have appreciated in the past, let us know you’d like him or her to teach the course. Every effort is made to accommodate these requests within reason. We want your training to be as enjoyable and effective as possible! Please see our instructor page for more information about our trainers.

What is the minimums policy?

A minimum fee will be applied in cases where municipalities host on-site training with fewer than 10 participants (with the exception of Operator Safety courses with a minimum class size of 4).

If you have questions, please feel free to contact us.

What is the difference between an "open" and "closed" course?

Open courses are listed on AMHSA’s online course calendar, and are open for participants from other municipalities to attend. This helps requesting municipalities fill their courses to meet the minimum requirements.

Closed courses can be viewed online but are restricted to employees of the hosting municipality.

What is the cancellation policy for on-site training?

While we realize scheduling conflicts occur, significant time, effort, and expense is required to organize courses. As soon as a course is confirmed, the policy regarding cancellation fees will apply. AMHSA’s cancellation fees cover up-front course delivery expenses (e.g., contracted trainer compensation, booked transportation, etc.).

For more information, view the full policy, or contact us at or 1.877.537.9063. 

What type of facilities are required to host a course?

Generally, AMHSA recommends a room large enough to comfortably seat 10-20 people. Most courses require a data projector, DVD player, and flipchart/whiteboard. There are also specific requirements for Operator Safety courses.

When and how will the host municipality/employers be billed?

AMHSA will send an invoice after the course to each municipality that sent students to each course based on registrations and attendance/roster sheets.

For example, if Clearwater County held an Incident Investigation course and there were 7 participants from the hosting municipality and 5 from nearby Brazeau County, both would receive invoices in the mail. Clearwater’s invoice would be for $280 + GST (7 participants @ $40) and Brazeau’s invoice would be for a total of $200 + GST (5 participants @ $40). If, however, Brazeau County’s 7 participants were the only attendees, they would be billed for $400 + GST (10 participants - see minimums policy).

How do I request an on-site course?

Simply contact us as far in advance of the anticipated course date as possible with your request.

Contact the office to book a course:


How do I register for a course on the calendar?

What if I cannot attend a course? Can I withdraw after I register?

If a registered individual withdraws from a course the following cancellation fees will apply:

  • Within 29 business days or less; 50% of course fee
  • 30 business days or more; cancellation fee does not apply
  • Within 48 hours, or does not show up for the course; the entire course fee is charged

For more information, view our policy or contact us at or 1.877.537.9063.

Where can I find member pricing?

AMHSA courses are available for members and non-members alike. To ensure that only members receive discounted courses, our website requires you to log-in to ensure that you are a municipal employee. If you don’t have an account, click here to create one.

How do I create an account?

To register for an account, click here and enter the requested information. A staff member will be notified of your account creation and will confirm your municipality selection. Once your account has been confirmed, you will be able to view and select member pricing for products and services.

I can’t register for an account. It says its already been created?

If you have previously taken AMHSA training, a staff member will have already added you to our system. To access your account, click here to view the login page and select "Forgot Password" - a password reset link will be emailed to you.

How do I register for a course without a credit card?

The AMHSA online store requires a credit card for all purchases. If you would prefer your municipality be invoiced, simply email or call our office at 1.877.537.9063 or 587.952.2268 - we’ll be happy to help!

I can’t register for an account. It says its already been created?

If you have previously taken AMHSA training, a staff member will have already added you to our system. To access your account, click here to view the login page and select "Forgot Password" - a password reset link will be emailed to you.


Who teaches AMHSA courses?

We utilize both staff and contract trainers with health and safety experience and adult education backgrounds. All of our instructors understand our expectations, sign an annual contract letter, and our Instructor Code of Ethics.

For more information regarding instructors, click here.

How can I apply to become an AMHSA instructor?

Contact us for an application and/or information on instructor agreements:

  • 587.952.2268
  • 1.877.537.9063

In-House Training

Does AMHSA offer courses to become an in-house trainer?

Yes. AMHSA offers the following courses for in-house trainers:

What materials do the in-house trainers distribute to their students?

We have self-study workbooks available for in-house training:

  • Flag Person ($15/copy + GST and shipping)
  • WHMIS ($17.50/copy + GST and shipping)

Does in-house training expire?

WHMIS and Flag Person in-house training does not have an official expiry date, however AMHSA recommends recertifying every 3 years. 

What is in-house training?

In-house training differs from on-site training in that it is conducted by an AMHSA certified employee of the municipality, rather than an AMHSA instructor. In-house trainers provide WHMIS and Flag Person instruction to their staff using AMHSA materials. After employees have completed training, the trainer submits a signed roster sheet to AMHSA, which then issues personalized wallet cards for each participant who successfully completed training.

Course Materials

What materials do participants receive?

Most courses include an AMHSA participant’s manual and many have additional handouts. Our Orientation: Train-the-Trainer course includes a manual, template (by request), and video. Most Operator Safety courses include a manual from Ives while Defensive Driving and ATV participants receive a manual from the Alberta Safety Council.

Can I purchase AMHSA course manuals?

Yes. Please visit our publications page for more information.

Operator Safety Courses

Are there courses on how to safety operate heavy equipment?

Why are the maximum courses sizes smaller for the operator safety courses?

The operator safety courses contain both an in-class and hands-on portion (except ATV). The hands-on portion is one-on-one with the instructor, so we recommend only planning on training 4 participants/day. The ATV course allows for 4-6 participants.


Does AMHSA offer any certification programs?

Yes. Three levels of certificates are available to participants:

  • Municipal Joint Health and Safety Committee Representative
  • Municipal Supervisor in Health and Safety
  • Recognized Municipal Health and Safety Adviser

Is there a deadline to complete all of the course requirements?

AMHSA asks that participants complete all course requirements for a certification within 3 years. However, we offer some flexibility because we understand it can sometimes be difficult to find certain courses in specific areas of the province.

Does AMHSA recognize training from other providers towards the certificates?

AMHSA will consider granting equivalencies for some courses on a case by case basis. There will be a small administrative fee for processing course equivalency requests.  Click here for more information.

Where can I find more details about certification program requirements?