COVID-19 Updates

  • AMHSA’s recent letter released to members, instructors, and staff on Monday, March 16.

NEW - Free Online Training!

  • AMHSA is offering a free online training course "Coronavirus (COVID-19): Action Plan for the Workplace." Free until March 31. Click here to take the course.

Government/Health Authority Guidance

CCOHS Courses Available for Free

  • Pandemic Awareness - How to Stay Healthy and Help Stop an Influenza Pandemic from Spreading (CCOHS) - click here.
  • Pandemic Planning - Understand a Pandemic and What You Need to do to Prevent One (CCOHS) - click here.
  • Pandemic Online Products and Resources available for free from CCOHS - click here.

Psychological Health & Safety

  • How Employers and Employees Should Manage Self-Quarantines - click here.
  • Conference Board of Canada Videos: Mental Health and COVID-19 - click here to watch the video.
  • AMHSA reminds you to utilize the services of your organization’s Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP) where possible
  • Howatt HR - Support for Self-Isolation Good for Employees - click here.
  • Howatt HR - Loneliness 4-How Employers and Employees Should Manage Self-Quarantines - click here.
  • NEW Webinar! - Tactics for Maintaining Mental Fitness During the COVID-19 Pandemic presented by Howatt HR and sponsored by AUMA / AMHSA / CSSE (March 24) - to view recorded webinar, click here
  • NEW Webinar 2! - Maintaining Mental Fitness - "Gratitude" presented by Howatt HR and sponsored by AUMA / AMHSA / CSSE (March 31 MDT) - click here to register.
  • NEW - Check out the new Tactics for Maintaining Mental Fitness During COVID-19 Pandemic microsite! You can register for the March 31 webinar (10 am MST), view previous webinars, download the presentation, a free poster and a mental fitness assessment! This is being brought to our members by AMHSA and its community partners, CSSE, Howatt HR and AUMA. To access this page, please click here.

OHS and WCB Links

Personal Protective Equipment Information

  • World Health Organization’s interim guidance on PPEs for coronavirus disease - click here.

CCOHS Fact Sheets

  • Coronavirus – click here.
  • Pandemic Influenza (Flu) – click here.
  • Good Hygiene Practices – Reducing the Spread of Infections and Viruses – click here.

Printable Posters

Workplace Resources

Legal Considerations

  • Privacy Considerations When COVID-19 Screening - click here.
  • Privacy Considerations When COVID-19 Identified in the Workplace - click here.
  • An Employer’s Guide to Responding to the COVID-19 Pandemic - click here.

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