Cognitive-Psychosocial Job Demands Analysis Pilot

The Industry Task Force (ITF) Association’s Psychological Injury Working Group (PIWG) and WCB-Alberta is moving forward with a pilot of the Cognitive-Psychosocial Job Demands Analysis form. This pilot is open to ITF members and AMHSA members.

To participate, please complete the fillable PDF for any new psychological injury claim and submit it with the claim or to the claim owner. Please direct any claim specific questions to the adjudicator. On a case by case basis, the claim owner may also reach out to you on other active claims where a Cognitive-Psychosocial JDA could be helpful in the return to work process.

Because this is a pilot, WCB-Alberta is looking for feedback on the process or the form itself. For example, is this form useful, is there information you would like to see added, any wording that is not clear, areas where additional explanation would be helpful, other tools that you would find useful for assessing cognitive or psychosocial demands, etc.  

Send any comments on the form or the process to Shannon ([email protected]), to be consolidated. Feedback from the pilot will be useful in determining future rollout to Alberta employers.