Important 2022 Audit News

The following are in effect from March, 2022:

Remote Auditing Continues

  • March: The on-site data gathering suspension has been lifted. Auditors may now resume on-site data gathering activities, or continue to work remotely. Prior to conducting on-site data gathering activities, both the auditor and employer must agree that on-site work can be safely conducted. The use of observations remains optional.
  • The resumption or suspension of on-site data gathering activities will be re-evaluated quarterly, and status updated one month in advance of every quarter. AMHSA will post updates on the website and announce any changes in future Auditor Updates.

Audit Techniques

  • Remote interviews can be conducted using web-based platforms (Teams, Zoom, WebEx, etc.) or telephone calls or video calls. No pre-approval is necessary to use telephone interviews in 2022.
  • Remote documentation review can be arranged via electronic access (Teams, Sharepoint, safety software), documents can be delivered on a thumb drive, or hard copies can be sent by courier or safe drop-off can be arranged.
  • Observations are optional.


  • Documentation review (minimum 6 months of previous 12-month period) and representative interviews required.
  • Minimum of 80% overall score is required to pass the audit. No minimum element scores are required.


  • Documentation review (minimum 6 months of previous 12-month period) and representative interviews required.
  • Minimum of 60% overall score required to pass audit. No minimum element scores are required.
  • Option to use Action Plans in lieu of COR Maintenance audits is available to AMHSA COR-holders who are eligible. Application deadline has been extended to June 30, 2022 (we recommend earlier) and AMHSA deadline to submit deliverables is December 1, 2022.


  • Minimum 6 months documentation review of previous 12-month period is required.
  • 80% overall score and no less than 50% in each element for Certification audits
  • 60% overall score for Maintenance audits


  • Complete required training (Health and Safety Management Systems + Health and Safety Auditing) and pass exams
  • AMHSA deadline to complete and submit qualification audit from 2022 training is six months – contact us if you need an extension due to conducting COR Maintenance audit as qualifying audit

QUESTIONS? Contact our audit team by emailing,, or


The deadline to request participation in the peer process for COR Certification in 2022 is June 1st!

Submit the following information to

  • Month in which you want the audit to be conducted
  • Number of employees and sites
  • Auditors available to audit another municipality

As always, we expect to receive several requests from municipalities who are unable to contribute auditors to the process, and we rely on volunteers to conduct these audits. If you are willing to participate in or lead a COR Certification for a municipality in need, please let us know!


The list of AMHSA-certified consultant auditors is available on the website, if you are not participating in the peer process.

Upcoming Virtual Training

ISO 45001:2018 training is also available! Click here for more information.

To register, please email Carla at

Page last updated: Mar. 7, 2022.